SURPRISE GRANT ADVISED TO SCC FOR £2.9 million for next year.


Liberal Democrat Sam Crabb, County Shadow Resources Cabinet Member reports:

"The Government will announce today a new "Transition Grant" to help the Councils worse affected by the recent changes to the calculation of the Revenue Support Grant. This includes a grant of £2.9 million for Somerset for the year 2016-2017 and a smaller grant for the year 2017-2018 of £1.9 million."

"Whilst being very welcome, as this extra money was not expected by the County Council, but it does not go anywhere near to rectifying the loss of £13 million caused by the new method of calculation. Instead of being £11 million behind the average County settlement, Somerset is now £24 million behind the average County. This is a real disgrace."

Jane Lock, Leader of the County Liberal Democrats said "The 5 Tory MP's for Somerset need to work really hard to ensure that this Grant is increased dramatically in size. So far we have heard very little from them in the bid to get fairer funding for Somerset".

"The £2.9 million is good news, but we are still miles behind other Counties. Surrey County Council is getting £24 million over two years in this surprise grant. we should be getting at least that much."

Jane added "The Prime Minister promised us after our floods that money would be no object, but it looks like we are being punished - not helped."

"I call upon the Somerset Members of Parliament to do their job and support the people of Somerset."

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