Coronavirus in Somerset


We have been lucky in Somerset to have a low number of cases throughout the pandemic, a lot of this will be thanks to hard working volunteers. The local Liberal Democrats want to say a huge thank you, to hard working NHS staff, frontline workers, and to all of the volunteers who have helped get our communities through Coronavirus.

People have been delivering food, medicine and generally helping others who have been unable to leave their homes either because they are vulnerable or have been self isolating.

The NHS and other health workers have been fantastic throughout the pandemic and it is important that we keep following the guidance to keep case numbers down during Winter. The prospect of Coronavirus cases spiking at the same time as the Winter Flu season is one that is worrying many healthcare staff who know that it could seriously increase the pressure on the NHS. Social Distancing and wearing a mask will help to slow the spread of Coronavirus and will help the NHS.

There is no doubt that thanks to the positive action of people across Somerset the spread of Coronavirus has been limited. We need to keep being safe to make sure we avoid a new wave. There has been promising news regarding vaccines for Coronavirus and we hope that these will continue to develop and become more widely available. Hopefully any vaccine will be able to prevent any future spike in cases once it has been rolled out. If you need help with anything due to Coronavirus please use the contact details we have included in this piece to get it.

Where to find information on Coronavirus

The best place for medical advice regarding Coronavirus is the NHS website, please visit:

For local advice from the council please visit:

If you need non-medical help during Coronavirus, please call the Somerset Coronavirus helpline on the number below: 0300 790 6275

Council waste £10 million on County Hall Refurbishment

County Hall in Scaffolding

Somerset County Council have spent a further £10 million refurbishing A Block of County Hall. This move was heavily criticised as a waste of taxpayer money.

The building is unfit for a modern council and it would have been cheaper in the long term to build new premises. The Conservatives decided to push ahead and waste your money.In the new Conservative plans for a single Unitary authority, the new refurbished building would be too small to fit all the new staff meaning they will have to spend millions more.

This was a disgraceful waste of taxpayer money and shows how out of touch the Conservatives are with the council taxpayers of Somerset.

Green Energy Success

South Somerset Battery Storage

Above: Battery storage systems like the one pictured here help transition the UK to Green Energy.

Liberal Democrat South Somerset District Council have successfully invested in Battery Storage Technology within Somerset.

This tech stores power when there is a surplus of electricity and then sells it back to the electrical grid when demand is greater. This green technology is helpful for increasing the adoption of renewable energy.

Solar panels may not produce at night, but the energy they produce in the day can be used later on with battery storage.

This is a great success for the local Lib Dems and is an example of good investment from councils to help fight climate change.

Liberal Democrats propose Somerset Solutions to Somerset Problems


The Liberal Democrats have launched their 2017 County Council Manifesto at County Hall today (Saturday 25 March).
Cllr Jane Lock and the Liberal Democrat team were joined by Paddy Ashdown who helped unveil their policy proposals if elected to run the County Council this May.

Cllr Jane Lock, Somerset County Liberal Democrat Group Leader, passionately made the case for change:

“The Liberal Democrats have seen the Conservatives destroy services at County Hall by squandering your tax payers’ money.”

“We have a clear plan on how we can turn this situation around, by investing in Somerset and providing excellent local services.”  

“Somerset shouldn’t have to put up with another four years of Conservative mismanagement – they deserve better and the Liberal Democrats are ready to take over.”

“Somerset needs solutions that are made by local people for local people – we have had enough of the Conservatives deciding what is best behind closed doors.”

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Betrayal of staff confirmed by Tories

Today the Tory Cabinet at Somerset County Council failed to take the opportunity to rethink its decision to transfer Learning Disabilities services to Dimensions UK Ltd.


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