Liberal Democrats propose Somerset Solutions to Somerset Problems


The Liberal Democrats have launched their 2017 County Council Manifesto at County Hall today (Saturday 25 March).
Cllr Jane Lock and the Liberal Democrat team were joined by Paddy Ashdown who helped unveil their policy proposals if elected to run the County Council this May.

Cllr Jane Lock, Somerset County Liberal Democrat Group Leader, passionately made the case for change:

“The Liberal Democrats have seen the Conservatives destroy services at County Hall by squandering your tax payers’ money.”

“We have a clear plan on how we can turn this situation around, by investing in Somerset and providing excellent local services.”  

“Somerset shouldn’t have to put up with another four years of Conservative mismanagement – they deserve better and the Liberal Democrats are ready to take over.”

“Somerset needs solutions that are made by local people for local people – we have had enough of the Conservatives deciding what is best behind closed doors.”

Paddy Ashdown speaking at County Hall said:

“The Conservatives are taking the West Country for granted. For the second year in a row, there was no mention of Somerset in the Budget. Our County is being hung out to dry because our Conservative County Councillors can’t stand up to their own Government.”

“True to our long tradition of service to Somerset and its people, the Liberal Democrats at County Hall will be a strong voice for the people of Somerset. Standing up for our values, protecting and enhancing our services and making Government listen to the concerns of local people.”

“We need to provide good local services to make Somerset a place people want to live and to stay. The Conservatives are running down this great County. We need Somerset to send a strong message to this Government that we won’t put up with this any more. We demand better. Only a vote for the Liberal Democrats on May 4 will deliver that”

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