HOW WOULD YOU USE £2.9 million at SOMERSET COUNTY COUNCIL for next year?

Liberal Democrat Sam Crabb, County Shadow Resources Cabinet Member asks the key question:

"With an extra grant of £2.9 million for Somerset for the year 2016-2017. How do you think that money should be used?"

"It is likely that the Tory Administration will be tempted to reduce the impact of the rise in Council Tax, from 5.24% to perhaps 3.25%, however that would mean that all the cuts they are proposing to Full Council next Wednesday will go through. They have the opportunity to reduce the impact of dire cuts to front line services instead."

Jane Lock, Leader of the County Liberal Democrats said "The Liberal Democrat opposition at County welcomes the small grant of £2.9 million towards the gap of £24 million that has now appeared between Somerset and the average County settlement."

Jane added "The Liberal Democrats believe that this grant should be used to reduce the severity of the cuts due to be taken next Wednesday at Full Council. We would as a priority reverse the cuts to bus subsidies £497,000, Concessionary Fares £110,000, and Mental Health Management £956,000."


We would also reverse the cuts to various departmental budgets, as once again we are seeing a slash and burn policy which does nothing to improve the overall income of the County Council or the democratic processes.”

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