Excluded and Forgotten

Helen Heyns of Love Lifestyle

Above: Helen Heyns of Love Lifestyle, a home relocation and decluttering service. Her business has been impacted hugely by Coronavirus but she has received no financial support. The business is close to closing.

Millions excluded from Coronavirus support

Coronavirus has hit people hard across the country. Financial support from the Government has helped many, but the Government has unfairly excluded thousands of local people, largely self-employed and small business owners, from receiving financial support during the Pandemic. Many people have sadly lost their jobs and many small businesses are closing, in a time when things are more difficult for everyone.

The new organisation Excluded UK has estimated that 10% of the country’s workforce were unable to access meaningful support and so fell through the cracks of the system. These were often the people who needed help the most. As of the writing of this paper, the Government has still not provided any support to these hard working people. We believe that the exclusion of these people from financial support during Coronavirus is hugely damaging both to the economy and people’s lives. Supporting them would be a good start to an economic recovery after Coronavirus.

The Government and councils need to work hard to ensure that our economy recovers quickly once Coronavirus is out of the way. This country needs more jobs and support quickly for the millions of people who have suffered as a result of Coronavirus.

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